Albert Yeung


Albert Yeung

Dr. Albert YEUNG, Chairman of Emperor Group and Emperor Entertainment.

Dr. YEUNG opened his own watch shop "Observatory Watch & Jewellery" in 1964. He further expanded his business to jewelry and other ventures. Striving for 50 years, Emperor Group has evolved successfully from a watch shop into a group of listed companies with diverse business interests.

Dr. YEUNG was born in Hong Kong, while his roots are in the Mainland. He sticks with his country through thick and thin. Embracing the mission "From the community, To the community", Dr. YEUNG has established successively Emperor Foundation, Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation, and Hong Kong Daily News Foundation, in order to coordinate charitable works. Dr. YEUNG concerns about the provision of hospice service and conducts several Elderly Service Projects in Mainland and in Hong Kong.

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